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How to Choose a Warm Coat

Did you know that temperature rating won't necessarily help you pick the right winter coat?

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VEGAGOOZ, made with plant-based insulation. Stay warm with our vegan, better-than-down jacket.



Founded in Montreal, Canada, BOÏDA Athletica is a creator of activewear and vegan outerwear designed to inspire people to believe in their individual power to make an impact in the world.

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VEGAGOOZ & all of BOÏDA Athletica's collection are PETA approved. 

The Future is Plant-Powered.

As you become increasingly aware of the suffering caused by products that are made with animal-based material, you’ll easily find that VEGAGOOZ is a great plant-based alternative to down jackets. And as you wear the VEGAGOOZ, you’ll quickly realize that you’re naturally inspiring others to make fashion choices that will create a kinder world.

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We will donate 5% of our profits to an animal sanctuary every year.