The Best Activewear for a Nighttime Workout

The Best Activewear for a Nighttime Workout

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Taking the ethical route in every choice and decision you make is undoubtedly rewarding.

Nothing beats the feeling of giving back to a charity like Food for Life Global knowing that you're doing something for the greater good.

Choosing to wear vegan and cruelty-free activewear is not only good for your conscience but also for your health. You spare the animals from suffering and give yourself the gift of health and fitness at the same time. Who...

What You Wear When You Exercise Truly Matters


After an intense exercise, you will feel exhausted and will probably be covered in sweat. However, there is a way that you can still feel good: wearing the right exercise gear. Believe it or not, the right clothing will definitely make a difference in how you feel after a workout.


Wearing appropriate exercise clothing can help you stay comfortable throughout the entire session. Whether you are doing yoga indoors or cycling outdoors, the recommended set of attire will not only make you feel...

Materials Matter: Utilizing Natural Materials

Materials Matter: Utilizing Natural Materials

Making a fashion statement.

Fashion is no longer about the look and style. It's about the materials used to make clothes and accessories.

As big factory farms contribute to conditions such as climate change, we’re forced to adopt a more eco-friendly mindset. When we realize the options we have for sustainable products, the way they were produced becomes important. We make a bold statement when we choose to wear apparel made from cruelty-free, natural materials...

Why Down Is Unkind and Unsustainable

Why Down Is Unkind and Unsustainable

The world is undergoing harsh, record-breaking winters. And what better outerwear to use than trusty down jackets?

This staple is undeniably one of the top go-to outerwear for many people, especially during the colder and darker days of winter. It is extremely soft, it can easily be packed in your bag, and it can keep you as warm as toast all day long.

Unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most problematic materials being sourced and used today.

In the past few...

Why temperature rating won't tell you how warm your coat is

Why temperature rating won't tell you how warm your coat is

The cold weather will soon hit and so begins the search for the right winter jacket.

So how do you know if a jacket is warm enough?

Many people will search for a jacket with a specific temperature rating in mind. But did you know that garment insulation experts will tell you that temperature rating is rarely ever accurate and should not be relied upon to choose your winter coat?

In fact, most major outerwear brands no longer advertise or use temperature ratings for that very reason.

Simply put, there are too many variables that affect how warm and/or comfortable...