Materials Matter: Utilizing Natural Materials

Making a fashion statement.

Fashion is no longer about the look and style. It's about the materials used to make clothes and accessories.

As big factory farms contribute to conditions such as climate change, we’re forced to adopt a more eco-friendly mindset. When we realize the options we have for sustainable products, the way they were produced becomes important. We make a bold statement when we choose to wear apparel made from cruelty-free, natural materials instead of a jacket made of down plucked from a poor animal, for example.


What are natural materials when it comes to apparel?

When it comes to apparel, natural materials come from plants or are sourced more sustainably. For example, a packable jacket composed of corn fiber or a t-shirt made from hemp is clothing made from natural materials. These materials contribute to environmental sustainability. Sourcing this way as opposed to using animal-derived duck or goose down is not only more sustainable and cruelty-free but is becoming more and more fashionable.

Some examples of plant fibers are:

  • Seed fiber - sourced from the seeds of various plants
  • Leaf fiber - collected the cells of plant leaves such as pineapple and banana
  • Bast fiber - collected a stem's outer layer, such as flax, industrial hemp, jute, kenaf, rattan, and ramie.
  • Fruit fiber - collected from fruits, such as coconut fiber. 
  • Stalk fiber - collected from plant stalks of barley, bamboo, wheat, and rice.

There are also synthetic fibers such as vegan leather and Polyester Synthetics.


Why should you consider using natural or responsibly-sourced materials?

Similar to the factory farming that occurs in the food industry, raising animals to be slaughtered for clothing and accessories not only hurts the animal, but it harms the environment as well.


Maintaining farms, livestock, and transportation lines to use animals for clothing depletes resources, and buying apparel that is not natural or responsibly-sourced helps to perpetuate this system. It bolsters an industry notorious for ‘fur farms’ and ‘feather farms’ with such cruel practices as live plucking ducks and geese to create down jackets and pillows for mass consumption.

However, choosing to forgo a leather jacket and opt for an eco-friendly option like a vegan packable jacket can create noticeable environmental changes as the number of resources that go into producing the vegan option makes a much smaller impact on the earth. The cumulative effect of each person making this switch can have a drastic impact on the quality of life for everyone and everything.


What materials does Boida Athletica use?

packable jacket


Boida Athletica is an apparel company empowering people to make a cruelty-free fashion statement with their use of natural materials.

One of the most innovative examples of this is their use of 100% vegan corn fiber to create a warm, lightweight, easy-to-carry packable jacket that epitomizes eco-friendly fashion.

The use of corn fiber creates an insulating padding that is functional, sleek, lightweight, and athletic. It’s a jacket with a down-like material that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

What can we do to raise awareness on animal exploitation and help fuel positive change? Whether you want to sponsor an animal at an animal sanctuary or participate in activist events, one thing is clear. Every action no matter the scale will have an impact on the animals' lives and the planet that we share.

So make a conscious choice every day to opt for clothing that is made of non-animal, natural materials. Cruelty-free and eco-friendly fashion is the way of the future.

This post is created by the vegan marketers at Ardor SEO, in support of the vegan lifestyle.

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