The Best Activewear for a Nighttime Workout

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Taking the ethical route in every choice and decision you make is undoubtedly rewarding.

Nothing beats the feeling of giving back to a charity like Food for Life Global knowing that you're doing something for the greater good.

Choosing to wear vegan and cruelty-free activewear is not only good for your conscience but also for your health. You spare the animals from suffering and give yourself the gift of health and fitness at the same time. Who says you have to give up quality products when you go vegan?

This makes buying that animal-friendly yoga bra a worthy investment.

Speaking of making the right choices in the name of fitness and health, it's important that you wear the most suitable outfit at night time.


Choosing the right clothing for exercising at night

With all the benefits you gain from exercise, you should make a habit of it. Live longer and healthier with workouts integrated into your daily routine.

If the only time you can spare to exercise is at night, choosing the right outfit to wear is important. This is especially true if your choice of physical activity is to jog or cycle outdoors.


What type of workout clothes should you wear?


Breathable and moisture-wicking

Wear activewear that keeps your body cool no matter how hard or how far you run or cycle. When made of fabrics that “wick” the sweat away, you can add more laps and reps without getting overheated

Suitable for the weather

You must dress warmly when exercising outside in cold weather. But because you'd feel hot once your heart rate elevates and you begin to sweat, wear the right pieces that regulate your temperature as you exercise.

The best formula is to wear an inner layer topped with an insulating layer. In the case of wind and rain, wear a protective outer layer as well.

Remember to protect your ears, head, and hands from the cold with the right gear too.

Have reflective features

You want to be seen and visible to other people and motorists when you exercise outdoors and at night. So choose clothing that has reflective features to avoid any accidents caused by drivers not being able to see you.

When cycling, make sure your bike has reflective accessories and lights as well.

When running at night in warm weather, a yoga bra and sneakers with such features is a great choice. You stay cool and visible at the same time.

Most importantly, wear workout clothes that are comfortable, fits right, and won't get in the way of your exercise.


Using reflective features for safety


Man on a bicycle at night

People see runners or cyclers at night because light reflects off their workout gear. Without the retro-reflective material on clothes worn at night and in dark places, you would be hard to notice or would even appear invisible.

When running at night, you could get hit by a passing vehicle. This is why staying visible in the dark is essential.


Highly visible clothing will make you...

  • More obviously visible to other cyclers and vehicles.
  • Stand out against the dark or dim background environment.

The long and short of it is that reflective features make you more visible to others, protecting you from possible collisions.

You also spare other people and motorists from accidents and costly mistakes.

Now, if you can combine high-visibility clothing with vegan options, you're spot on where ethical choices are concerned.


Vegan clothing and accessories to invest in

Veganism is not just about eating plant-based foods. It also encompasses choosing clothes and other items that are not made from animal products or using human slave labor and making a conscious effort to minimize eco-footprint.

You might think that plant-powered clothes are not durable or high quality but that's farther from the truth. In fact, modern technology has enabled vegan clothing and products to be just as durable and of high-caliber construction as any other product on the market.

What are some of these items you can buy?

Vegan Activewear

Plant-Powered Parka

Partially insulated with corn-fibres and made stronger with a special layer of patented vegan and PETA-approved material, this parka not only looks good but is good for the environment as well.

Compression leggings

Made of 87% Polyester and 13% Spandex, it's as vegan as can be. Natural polyester is not only naturally occurring but also biodegradable.

The leggings are also highly reflective at a 360-degree angle, leaving no doubt of how suitable it is to wear at night.

You will also find plant-powered t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, accessories and many others.

Vegan options are everywhere these days, so make sure you support the brands that are making more ethical and sustainable products and choices.

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