About us

Founded in Montreal, Canada, BOÏDA Athletica is a brand of activewear and vegan outerwear designed to inspire people to believe in their individual power to make a positive impact in the world.

We believe it only takes one crack of light to break the dark, one person to start a social change. Rooted in Buddhist philosophy which places emphasis on individual responsibility and power of the individual, we believe that each person holds the power and the ability to create a kinder, more peaceful world. Every action matters and the choice lays within our individual hands to design a future that is brighter for each and all.

BOÏDA offers lifestyle and workout garments that are functional, versatile, made with luxurious performance fabric and always stylish. Every style is available in both plain and reflective options.  Designed with runners and everyday commuters in mind, sleek and muted reflective features are the cornerstones of BOÏDA garments, making them functional and fashionable.

BOÏDA was born out of a desire to help people shine their greatest light inside and out, inspiring them to get fit and be empowered to create the change that they wish to see in the world.  

Be Original Inspiring Daring Authentic


Shine your best light.
With a focus on providing top of the line reflective clothing that features our proprietary technologies
Vision in Motion and Vision in Motion Power of 2, we offer unique garments that are both functional and fashionable.

Our high performance line is crafted with reflective elements that increase your personal visibility outdoors and let you shine, whether at work or at play!

Compassion is always in fashion.
Our vision of the world is one in which animals will no longer be exploited or killed to make consumers products such as garments. BOÏDA'S activewear and outerwear lines are 100% vegan and approved by PETA.  

Our flagship product, VEGAGOOZ, is a cruelty-free winter jacket insulated with vegan "down."  Made in part with corn fibers and further reinforced with a patent-pending technology, VEGAGOOZ is ultra warm, confortable, light, and compact.